Zytel® HTN High-Temperature-nylon Resin 

Zytel® HTN High-Temperature-nylon Resin

High-Temperature-nylon Resin

High-Temperature-nylon Resin

Zytel HTN
High-Temperature-nylon Resin


  1. Suitable for electronic and electrical component, consumer 3C products, automobile/motorcycle/EV components.
  2. Excellent high temperature characteristics, thermal deformation temperature up to 280°C (HDT), suitable for lead-free (SMT) processes.
  3. Well electrical characteristics (CTI / HWI / HAI), up to the highest standard of Class 0.
  4. NH halogen-free specification, Sony GB no: R1280162 (NC) / R1280163 (BK), and certified by Apple.
  5. NH halogen-free series, available in Renewably Sourced-Bio Base specifications, for electronic connectors or other electronic/motor components. Continuous efforts on environmental issues.
  6. The HTN53G series can be applied to products with high strength requirements and can replace the design of metal parts.
  7. The HTN EF series was developed for applications in the electrical, electronic and new energy industries.

Molding Condition

Dry:100°C 4hr(120°C/4hr,only for BK)

Drying Standard:Processing moisture content =<0.05(Suggestion use: dehumidification dryer or dehumidification enhancer)

Injection Temperature:300~330°C(for details, please refer to the physical properties table)

Mold Temperature:100~150°C(actual mold temperature 90~110 or above)

※For detailed molding conditions, please refer to the original physical information or molding suggestions of each specification

Main Standard

Item Density
Mold Shrinkage Percentage(%) Temp of  Deflection under load 1.8MPa Flammability
UL 94
Name Flow Vertical
FR42G30NH 1.47 0.4 0.9 277°C V-0 270°C 30%GF;UL94 V-0 (0.40mm), Halogen-free, excellent SMT performance, RS grades, low mold deposit, high flow
FR52G30NH 1.44 0.3 1 283°C V-0 260°C 30%GF, UL94V-0(0.40mm), Halogen-free
FR52G35NHF 1.49 0.3 0.9 265°C V-0 265°C 35%GF, UL94V-0(0.75mm), high flow, Halogen-free, suitable for USB 3.1 Type C
FR52G30BL 1.62 0.3 0.8 282°C V-0 260°C 30%GF, UL94V-0(0.75mm), 5VA (1.5mm), UL746C, f1 certification
FR52G30LX 1.61 0.3 0.8 282°C V-0 260°C 30%GF, UL94V-0(0.40mm)
FR52G45BL 1.76 0.2 0.6 284°C V-0 260°C 45%GF, UL94V-0(0.75mm)
51G35EF BK083 1.47 0.2 0.6 264°C HB - 35%GF, It is suitable for electronic parts of electric cars and motorcycles, and has excellent volume and surface impedance at high temperature and water.
51G35HSL 1.47 0.2 0.6 260°C HB - 35%GF,UL94HB(0.85mm), Thermal stability, suitable for humid environments, F1 certified
1.47 0.2 0.6 262°C HB - 35%GF, NSF/ANSI 61 certified
52G35HSL 1.45 0.3 1 285°C HB 260°C 35%GF, UL94HB(0.75mm), Thermal stability
1.45 0.2 0.8 285°C HB - 35%GF, Fit FDA/GMP,RTI 150°C
1.72 0.1 0.5 245°C HB - 60%GF, Improved fluidity, high rigidity (bending strength 405MPa/ISO178) suitable for replacing metal parts
1.65 0.1 0.2 - V-0 - 50%GF,UL94V-0(0.4mm), 3C appearance parts special, high flow, low warpage, halogen-free

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Zytel® HTN High-Temperature-nylon Resin

High-Temperature-nylon Resin


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