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Polycarbonate (PC) is one of the five engineering plastics...




Polycarbonate (PC) is one of the five engineering plastics (PC, PBT, NYLON, POM, denatured PPE), in the five engineering plastics, PC is a variety of properties more balanced, less shortcomings of plastics, PC is very widely used, currently the most used in electrical, mechanical and other uses. The most attractive feature of PC is its excellent transparency, impact resistance and heat resistance.


Among all engineering plastics, PC is a plastic with the most characteristics and a fairly good balance of various physical properties, and the main representative characteristics are as follows

1. The mechanical strength is well, especially the impact strength is very well

◆The effect of glass fiber on the physical properties of PC and the characteristics of PC: For PC, glass fiber and carbon fiber are good reinforcing materials, but due to the price of glass fiber is cheaper, there are more specifications on the market to add glass fiber, for example, when adding 30% glass fiber, the effect on the physical properties of PC is shown in Table 1.

Table1. Effect of addition of glass fiber on the physical properties of PC (glass fiber 30%)
Physics properties Influence Physics properties Influence
Tensile strength Increase 2 times Thermal expansion coefficient Reduce to 1/3
Coefficient of elasticity Increase 3 times Mold Shrinkage Percentage Reduce to 1/6
Thermal deformation temperature Increase 10 degree  
As mentioned above, the physical properties of PC with glass fiber are much improved, and it is more suitable for the production of molded products with higher precision and higher strength.

◆Good mechanical strength: PC has excellent impact strength, among the five major engineering plastics, PC has the best impact strength, this characteristic makes PC can be applied to many products with strict requirements for impact strength, such as: power tool shells, toolboxes, car door handles, lampshades, helmets, as shown in Table 2.

Table 2. General mechanical strength and physical properties of PC engineering plastics
Properties Testing method Unit Unit
GF 0% South Asia 5110 GF 30% South Asia 5210G6
General mechanical properties Density   g/cm 3 1.2 1.43
Water adsorption ASTM D-570 % 0.24 0.20
Tensile strength ASTM D-638 kg/cm 2 630 1.300
Elongation ASTM D-638 % 130 3~5
Bending strength ASTM D-790 kg/cm 2 950 1600
Flexural modulus ASTM D-790 kg/cm 2 23000 75000
IZDO impact strength
(Notched 1/8”)
ASTM D-256 kg•cm/cm 75 15
Rockwell ASTM D-785 - M70 M90
Taber(CS-17) - mg/10 3 rpm 13 24
Coefficient of friction (for steel) ASTM D-1894 - 0.38 -
From the above table, it can be seen that other mechanical strength of PC, such as tensile strength and flexural strength, is also quite good, and the addition of glass has obvious reinforcement effect on most of the mechanical strength of PC. Impact strength, preferably pure PC, up to 75Kg.cm/cm.

2. Good electrical insulation: the electrical properties of the PC such as the inherent impedance of the volume, the strength of insulation failure and the arc resistance are quite good, as shown in Table 3, add 30% glass fiber PC,Its insulation failure voltage can reach 18KV/mm, which is high among the five engineering plastics. PC is a hydrophobic plastic, its water absorption rate is small, humidity has almost no effect on the electrical properties of PC.

Table 3. Electrical properties of PC engineering plastics
Properties Testing method Unit GF 0% 5110 GF 30% 5210G6
Electrical properties Volume resistivity ASTM D-257 Ω•cm 10 16 10 16
Dielectric breakdown strength ASTM D-149 kv/mm 16 18
Permittivity(10 6 HZ) ASTM D-150 - 2.31 3
Dielectric loss tangent(10 6 HZ) ASTM D-150 - 0.01/td> 0.009
Arc resistance ASTM D-495 Sec 120 120

3. It can maintain excellent physical properties from low temperature to high temperature, and can be used in a wide range.

◆Good heat resistance, wide temperature range can be used According to the ASTM D-746-57T test method, the embrittlement temperature of PC can reach -30 °C or less, which is a plastic that can maintain quite good physical strength at low temperature.

The heat resistance properties of PC are quite excellent, especially the UL long-term heat resistance temperature of PC is better among the five general-purpose engineering plastics ,second only to PBT and better than NYLON6, POM and denaturing PPE, PC with 30% glass fiber can be used for a long time in a wide range (-30 °C ~ 130 °C), and is a plastic with heat resistance, as described in Table 4.

Table 4. The thermal resistance properties of PC engineering plastic
Properties Testing method Unit GF 0% 5110 GF 30% 5210G6
Heat resistance properties Melting point DSC method 230 -
Specific heat capacity ASTM D-792 Cal/g℃ 0.3 0.27
Thermal deformation temperature
(18.6kg/cm 2 )
ASTM D-648 135 145
Thermal deformation temperature
(4.6kg/cm 2 )
ASTM D-648 10-5 -5 X1/℃ 3.8/td> 2.18
Burning quality UL 94 - V-2 V-0
Heat resisting temperature UL 746B 120 130

4. The dimensional stability is very good, and it is not affected by temperature and moisture

◆Good dimensional stability, very little affected by temperature and moisture, the size stability of PC is excellent among the five engineering plastics, the factors affecting the dimensional stability of plastics are water absorption, creep deformation and heat shrinkage, etc., and their impact on the size change of PC is shown in Table 5.

5. Since it is a colorless and transparent, it can be freely colored to obtain a finished product with a good appearance gloss.

6. It has its own self-extinguishing property, which can have a flame retardant effect itself.

◆Good flame retardancy

未添加難燃劑之 PC 樹脂即具有自己消火性,如表六所示,且 PC 亦是一種可以藉添加難燃劑來得到良好難燃效果之塑膠,經選擇適當之難燃劑,PC之難燃性可以達到 UL94V-0 之水準 ( 如南亞 PC-531P PC-5420 等規格 )。

Table 5. Effect of water absorption, creep and heat shrinkage on the size change rate of PC
  condition effect of size change rate of PC
water absorption Each water absorption 1% 0.002%
Creep 100kgX1000 hr 0.9%
200kgX1000 hr 200kgX1000 hr
Heat shrinkage After treatment at 120℃ 0.1%
Table 6. Flame resistance of PC resin
Testing condition Result
ASTM-D635 self-extinguishing
UL94 thickness
Oxygen Index 25~27

Molding condition

Dry:120°C 3~4hr

Injection temperature:260~300°C

Mold temperature:80~120°C

Main item

Item Density
Mold Shrinkage Percentage(%) Thermal Deformation Temperature
Flame resistance
UL 94
Name Flow Vertical
5310 1.22 0.5 0.7 135°C V-0 Fireproof and flame retardant
5420G2 1.25 0.2 0.5 142°C V-0 10% GF, flame retardant
5420G4 1.34 0.2 0.5 142°C V-0 20% GF, flame retardant
5420G6 1.43 0.2 0.5 145°C V-0 30% GF, flame retardant
5502 1.17 0.2 0.7 90°C HB PC/PBT plastic alloy
5612 1.12 0.3 0.6 100°C HB Genera PC/ABS plastic alloy
531P 1.29 0.4 0.5 110°C V-0 PC+TiO2 for backlight frame
540PG2 1.23 0.3 0.5 112°C V-0 PC+10%GF for backlight frame non-halogen
571P 1.19 0.3 0.8 105°C V-0 PC/ABS fireproof non-halogen
571PG(e) 1.27 0.2 0.4 140°C V-0 PC/ABS + GF
5732 1.19 0.2 0.4 100°C V-0 PC/ABS fireproof non-halogen, F1 weather resistance

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PC Polycarbonate

Made by South Asia Company LTD
Polycarbonate (PC) is one of the five engineering plastics...


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