FR-PET  Polyethylene Terephthalate 

FR-PET Polyethylene Terephthalate

Polyethylene Terephthalate
Manufacturer: Nanya Plastic Co., Ltd


Polyethylene Terephthalate

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Manufacturer: Nanya Plastic Co., Ltd


PET has a melting point of 260 °C, except that it can be obtained by the reaction of ethylene glycol and Purified Terephthalic acid (PTA). It can also be obtained by the reaction of ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephthalate (DMT). And because the extended PET can get very good strength,therefore, in addition to the great use of PET in synthetic fibers, the demand for applications such as extension film and blowing cylinders is also quite large. Since PET has been mass-produced for the above purposes, the price of PET has been reduced. As for the development of PET in the use of engineering plastics, it is later than the development of synthetic fiber use, and its main features are better heat resistance, rigidity and lower price.because the addition of glass fiber to the various physical properties of PET has a very good effect, in order to fully play the above characteristics of heat resistance, rigidity and cheapness of PET plastic, almost all of the PET used as engineering plastics on the market is glass fiber reinforced PET. Although PET has the above attractive characteristics such as heat resistance, rigidity, etc. in engineering plastics, PET engineering plastics are more common than other general-purpose engineering plastics because of their crystallization rate such as Nailong, POM, PBT, etc. is slow, affecting its efficiency in processing and molding, so the demand for PET is also greatly affected, recently South Asia Plastics Company spares no effort in the study to improve the crystallization speed of PET, and has launched some crystallization speed improvement of PET engineering plastics, it is expected that the demand for PET engineering plastics in the future will be improved with the crystallization speed, and there is a significant continuous growth.


1. Good strength and rigidity.

High rigidity is another major feature of FR-PET in addition to heat resistance, and when compared with PBT engineering plastics with similar properties, the rigidity of FR-PET is about 30% higher than that of PBT with the same ratio of glass fiber. Because FR-PET has good rigidity, it is considered to be suitable for molded products with thin thicknesses. The higher the flexural elasticity of engineering plastics, the higher their rigidity.If FR-PET with 55% glass fiber is added as an example, its bending elasticity can reach 180,000kg/cm 2, which can reach about 1/4 of aluminum alloy, while other general-purpose engineering plastics cannot achieve this degree of rigidity if glass fiber is added, and mineral fiber must be added to achieve this degree of rigidity.

2. Good electrical characteristics: The electrical characteristics of FR-PET and PBT are close to each other, which are quite good, and can be used as insulation materials for electrical and electronic products. (as shown in Table 2)

Table 2. Electrical characteristics of FR-PET
Electrical characteristics Unit South Asia 4210G6
(GF 30%)
South Asia 4210G9
(GF 45%)
Volume impedance Ωcm 10 15 10 15
Surface impedance Ω/sq 10 14 10 13
insulation strength(1.59mm) Kv/mm 23 22
10 3 HZ - 3.8 4.1
10 5 HZ - 3.7 4.0
Dielectric loss tangent      
10 3 HZ - 0.011 0.009
10 5 HZ - 0.018 0.017
Arc resistance S 125 125
High voltage orbit carbonate mm/min 22.3 12.7

3. Heat resistance: PET engineering plastics with glass fiber (FR-PET) have quite good heat resistance, which is a major feature, as shown in Table 3, FR-PET has a relatively high melting point and heat deflection temperature. As shown in Table 4, the long-term use temperature of flame-retardant grade FR-PET is higher than that of other commonly used flame-retardant grade general-purpose engineering plastics.

Table 3. Temperature characteristics of FR-PET engineering plastics
Add glass fiber% Melting point Thermal deformation temperature Thermal conductivity Coefficient of linear expansion
(℃) (18.6kg/cm 2 )
(4.6kg/cm 2)
(W/m K) (10 5 /m/m/℃)
30% 254 224
0.29 2.7
35% 254 226
0.32 2.3
45% 254 229
0.33 1.1

4. Chemical resistance: Because reinforced PET resin is also a kind of polyester, it will react with strong acids, alkalis, water vapor, etc. to produce the phenomenon of water decomposition, which is a common phenomenon of all polyester plastics. However, reinforced PET resin has good resistance to organic solvents, oils, etc. (as shown in Table 5)

Table4. Long-term service temperature comparison sample of various flame retardant grade engineering plastics (thickness 1.5mm)
Variety engineering plastic UL long terms use of temperature index
Electrical Mechanical
Impacted Non-impact
FR-PET 150 150 150
PBT 140 130 140
nelon 66 130 115 115
PPE 110 105 110
PSF 160 140 160
PEI 170 170 170
PPS 200 200 200
Table5. Chemical resistance of PET strengthed
Chemical Aluminium alloys Zinc alloys PC GR-PC GR-PET
acid X X O O O
base X X X X X
hot water O O X X X
oil O O O O O
sea X O O O O
organic acid X O O O O
acyl-carbohydrate O O X X O
halogenated carbohydrate O O X X O
ethanol X O O O O

5. Weather resistance: FR-PET resin has good weather resistance. Figure 5 shows the results of comparing the changes in tensile strength of FR-PET after 10,000 hours of testing by a weathering tester, showing that the tensile strength retention rate of FR-PET with pigment coloring is better than that of natural color.

Molding condition

Dry:140°C 3hr /120°C 4hr

※Suggestion use: dehumidification dryer

Injection temperature:255~275°C

Mold temperature:105~125°C

Main item

Item Density
Mold Shrinkage Percentage(%) Thermal Deformation Temperature
Flame resistance
UL 94
Name Flow Vertical
4210G6 1.47 0.2 0.9 210°C HB 10.8 30%GF
4410G6 1.58 0.2 0.9 210°C V-0 9 30%GF, fireproof V-0 class
4210G1MWT1 1.4 0.7 0.7 - HB 3.5 Non-toxic plastic for tableware

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FR-PET Polyethylene Terephthalate

Polyethylene Terephthalate
Manufacturer: Nanya Plastic Co., Ltd


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