NYLON 6  Polyamide 6 

NYLON 6 Polyamide 6

Polyamide 6
Manufacturer: Nanya Plastic Co., Ltd

Polyamide 6

Polyamide 6

Manufacturer: Nanya Plastic Co., Ltd


NYLON because of the amorphous field of the amide group and water molecules between the easy to form hydrogen bonds, so hygroscopicity is higher than the general resin, if NYLON particles absorb excessive water, not only before molding drying difficult, but also cause bad defects of the molded products, such as silver bars or bubbles and other surface defects, but also cause material deterioration, and the deterioration of the material will not be recycled and reused, the formation of waste and scrap, so drying before processing, is an important processing step of NYLON.

1. NYLON 6 has higher water absorption than NYLON 66.

South Asia NYLON 6 General Grade (2110) and South Asia NYLON 6 Fiber Reinforced Grade (2210G6) conducted natural moisture absorption comparative test to understand the relationship between moisture content of NYLON 6 General Grade and Fiber Reinforced Grade on moisture absorption days under natural moisture absorption. (Please refer to Figure 1. Figure 2)

2. Excellent toughness resistance and impact resistance: general grade size impact resistance ( notch ASTM: D256): 6KG.cm/cm; Ultra Tough Grade Impact Resistant (Notched ASTM:D256): 90KG.cm/cm3

3. High tensile strength: > plus 30% glass fiber tensile strength (ASTM:D638): 1200KG/cm3; GENERAL TENSILE STRENGTH (ASTM:D638): 750KG/cm3

4. Chemical resistance: nylon backbone amino group is polar group, so nylon is resistant to gasoline, lubricating oil, ketone, ester, aldehydes and other properties, but nylon is easily eroded by alcohols, phenols, strong acids and other chemicals.

5. Self-lubricating: nylon has self-lubricity, so it has good wear resistance and is suitable for gear products.

6. Good fire resistance: Nylon 6 has UV94V-2 characteristics.

Molding condition

Dry:80°C 3~4hr

Injection temperature:230~275°C

Mold temperature:70~110°C

Main item

Item Density
Mold Shrinkage Percentage(%) Thermal Deformation Temperature
Flame resistance
UL 94
Name Flow Vertical
2100A 1.13 1 1.5 60°C V-2 Injection grade pure nylon 6
2512A 1.07 1 1.5 52°C HB Supra high toughness, low temperature resistance
2210G3 1.23 0.3 0.7 200°C HB 15%GF
2210G6 1.36 0.2 0.5 205°C HB 30%GF
2210G9 1.48 0.2 0.4 212°C HB 45%GF
2200M4 1.29 0.8 1.1 165°C HB 20% mineral strengthening, surface gloss
2200M6 1.38 0.5 0.7 180°C HB 20% mineral strengthening, surface gloss
2212G3A 1.2 0.2 0.6 175°C HB Supra high toughness+15%GF
2212G6A 1.3 0.2 0.5 195°C HB Supra high toughness+30%GF
N210L4 1.28 0.5 0.6 210°C HB 20%LFT long fiber strengthening
N210L6 1.28 0.5 0.6 210°C HB 30%LFT long fiber strengthening
N210L8 1.46 0.2 0.4 210°C HB 40%LFT long fiber strengthening
N210LE 1.55 0.2 0.4 210°C HB 50%LFT long fiber strengthening

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NYLON 6 Polyamide 6

Polyamide 6
Manufacturer: Nanya Plastic Co., Ltd


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