Delrin® POM  ACETAL Homopolymer 

Delrin® POM ACETAL Homopolymer

ACETAL Homopolymer

ACETAL Homopolymer

Delrin® POM
ACETAL Homopolymer

Delrin® is the world's first monopoly acetal, with very similar properties to metals, excellent performance between gold and traditional plastics, such as automotive, home appliances, construction, electronics and hygiene products.


  1. Delrin POM is a monomerized/homopolymeric acetal resin. The full name is Polyoxymethylene, abbreviated as POM.
  2. It has a wide operating temperature range of -40°C~120°C.
  3. Delrin has better mechanical strength than other brand copolymer specifications. Izod notched impact strength/ISO 180/1A test standard,Delrin 500PNC010 has values of 9 KJ/m2 and 8 KJ/m2 at 23° C and -30° C, and copolymerization specifications of 5.7 KJ/m2 and 5.5 KJ/m2.
  4. Excellent oil and chemical resistance. Delrin series products for standard fuels, insulating oils, lubricating oils (23°C), diesel (23°C) and ester acids, methanol, ethyl alcohol, isopropanol, toluene, acetone, (di) ether, sodium hydride solutions... etc., with good resistance. For detailed instructions, please refer to the original DuPont factory information.
  5. UL certification is complete, and it is also the certification material for seat belt systems and door systems of major international car manufacturers.
  6. Compared with other engineering plastics, it has better self-lubricating properties and low abrasion characteristics. Taking Delrin 500PNC010 specification as an example, its dynamic friction coefficient (DynamicCOF) is 0.1-0.3m/s speed, and the coefficient is 0.32~0.45 for grinding parts for metal, while the value of PA66-Zytel 101LNC010 is 0.40~0.70.
  7. Most oof standard pass FDA and NSF certified.

Molding condition

Dry:75~85°C 3~4hr【suggestion use: dehumidification dryer or dehumidification enhancer.】

Injection temperature:195~220°C

Mold temperature:80~100°C

※For detailed molding conditions, please refer to the original physical properties of each specification or molding recommendations

Main item

Item Density
Mold Shrinkage Percentage(%) MFR(ig/10min)
Name Flow Vertical
100P 1.42 2.2 1.9 2.5 High viscosity, can be processed into plates, strips, tubes, NSF certification
100AF 1.54 2.1 1.5 0.9 High viscosity, 20% PTFE Fiber, low friction, wear resistance, D-COF: 0.14 (for metals)
100KM 1.41 1.8 1.5 2.0 High viscosity, Kevlar modified, suitable for corrosive environment
100ST 1.34 0.8 1.1 2.0 Ultra-high toughness, impact resistance(90 KJ/m 2 (23°C),20 KJ/m2(-40°C))~ISO 180/1A
111P 1.42 2.0 1.9 2.4 High viscosity, reduce warpage, reduce empty holes, dimensional stability, improve thermal stability
127UV 1.42 2.1 1.9 2.4 High viscosity, UV resistance, thermal stability. Suitable for automotive seat belt fasteners and interior
500P 1.42 2.0 1.9 15 General grade, medium viscosity, easy forming, low VOC spill, NSF certification
500CPE 1.42 2.0 1.9 15 Medium viscosity, very low VOC spill
500AF 1.53 2.0 1.4 5.0 Medium viscosity, 20% PTFE Fiber, low friction, wear resistance, NSF certification
500T 1.38 1.5 1.6 12 Medium viscosity, toughening grade, impact specifications, suitable for reducing noise parts in viscosity, containing chemical lubricants, good friction on metals, D-COF: 0.17~0.23
500CL 1.41 1.9 1.8 15 Medium viscosity, containing chemical lubricants, good friction to metals, D-COF: 0.17~0.23
570 1.56 1.8 1.2 7.0 20% glass fiber reinforced, high rigidity, low warpage, low creep (Creep), NSF certified
525GR 1.59 0.4 1.2 8 25% glass fiber reinforced, HDT172 °C, very good strength and rigidity, low creep
520MP 1.54 1.9 1.5 8 20% PTFE Micro-Powder, low friction, wear resistance. D-COF: 0.13~0.20 (for metals)
527UV 1.42 2.0 1.9 15 Medium viscosity, UV resistance, suitable for automotive interior parts
900P 1.42 1.9 1.9 25 General grade, high fluidity, suitable for multi-cavity and thin-walled products. Low VOC spill, NSF certified

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Delrin® POM ACETAL Homopolymer

ACETAL Homopolymer


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