Zytel® PA  Polyamide 

Zytel® PA Polyamide



Zytel® PA


  1. Excellent heat resistance. UL listed continuous use temperature (RTI) up to 160°C; Heat deflection temperature up to 255°C(1.80MPa)
  2. Excellent flame retardancy. General grade resin can reach UL94 V-2 (0.71mm) without flame retardants; The Zytel family is currently UL94 certified and can reach to UL 94 V-0(0.35mm) or UL94 5VA(1.5mm)
  3. Good resistance to oils and chemicals. Zytel series products for standard fuels, lubricating oils, insulating oils, diesel and acetic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, sodium hydroxide solution, ammonia, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, acetone, ether, toluene, salt solution... etc., with good resistance. For detailed instructions, please refer to the original DuPont factory information.
  4. Good electrical properties. Taking the relative tracking index as an example, it is currently UL certified, and some specifications can reach the highest standard of Class 0 (>600v).
  5. Excellent mechanical properties. Taking impact resistance as an example, the general grade specifications already have excellent impact resistance; PA66 Super Tough Grade Zytel ST801 NC010A Izod notched impact strength under ISO 180/1A test standard 80 KJ/m³ at 23°C without moisture absorption, and 14 KJ/m² at -40°C
  6. UL certification is complete and specified for internationally renowned car manufacturers (Ford, GM, Chnysler, Fox Group, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi...)
  7. FDA, NSF certification and RS-renewably sourced green material specifications
  8. The Minlon series is a mineral fiber reinforced grade that effectively improves the warpage and deformation of molded products

Molding condition

Dry:80~100°C 2~4hr【Suggestion use: dehumidification dryer or dehumidification enhancer】

Injection temperature:265~295°C

Mold temperature:70~110°C

※ For detailed molding conditions, please refer to the original physical properties of each specification or molding recommendations

Main item

Item Density
Mold Shrinkage Percentage(%) Characteristic
Name Flow Vertical
101L 1.14 1.4 1.4 General grade, easy to ejection, UL94 V-2(0.71mm),f1 certified
101F 1.14 1.4 1.4 General grade, quick injection, UL94 V-2(0.71mm),f1 certified
103HSL 1.14 1.3 1.3 Thermal stable gradeUL 94 V-2(0.71mm)
158L 1.06 1.3 1.4 Polyamid 12 easy to fill and ejection medium-low fluidity ,can injection exhaustion
ST801 1.08 1.8 1.4 Supra high toughness grade low temperature resistance can injection exhaustion
8018 1.19 0.8 1.4 Supra high toughness grade14%GF
80G33HS1L 1.33 0.3 0.7 Supra high toughness grade33%GF, thermal stable grade
70G13L 1.23 0.7 1.2 13% general grade
70G33L 1.39 0.3 1.1 33%GF general grade NSF certified
70G30HSLR 1.37 0.3 1.0 30%GF for water box hydrolysis resistance
70G33HS1L 1.39 0.3 1.1 Thermal stable grad
73G30L 1.36 0.2 0.6 30%GF polyamid 6 general grade
74G33J 1.39 0.2 0.9 33%GF surface improved grade
74G33W 1.39 1.0 0.7 33%GF high brightness weather-resistance property
77G33L 1.32 0.3 0.9 33% GF, nylon 612, low moisture absorption, high rigidity, dimensional stability, NSF certified
FR50 1.6 0.3 0.7 25%GF,UL 94 V-0(0.35mm)/5VA(1.5mm) f1 and EIS certified
FR7025V0F 1.16 0.9 1.0 Non halogenUL 94 V-0(0.4mm)
FR95G25V0NH 1.4 0.1 0.6 Halogen-free, red phosphorus-free, high flowability, good appearance, suitable for electronic and electrical products, UL 94 V-0 (0.4mm), 5VA (1.5mm), high RTI: 160°C, F1 certified

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Zytel® PA Polyamide



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